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Christian Fellowship Center offers a wide array of ministries available to strengthen your faith and family, find fellowship, and improve your life in a variety of ways.

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry provides children in the first through sixth grades the foundational building blocks essential for Christian education in a safe, loving environment designed to enhance each child's spiritual growth and development.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry ministers to young people in the seventh through twelfth grades through a well-designed curriculum and special programs to build and enhance Christian attitudes, character and conduct, as well as to provide activities in a Christian environment for fun and fellowship.

Women's Ministry

The women of Christian Fellowship Center get together monthly for a time of prayer, fellowship, nurturing and sharing. These gatherings are designed to provide women the opportunity to build relationships with other women while establishing a support group that fosters growth and strengthened faith amidst in a trusting, safe environment.

Men's Ministry

Once a month, men come together in various forums to pray and to participate in spiritual, recreational, and social activities. These gatherings provide opportunities for fellowship, mentoring, addressing specific needs, and establishing accountability with each other  so that "Iron can sharpen iron.” Places, dates, and times are announced monthly.

Music Ministry

We believe that Music Worship, above all else, activates the kind of powerful atmosphere strong enough to allow God's presence, God's Word, God's Spirit, and God's power to enter our environment and our spirits. We’re dedicated to offering powerful praise and passionate worship blending contemporary praise and worship with gospel, hymns and other musical ---all lead by the Spirit of God.

Nursery Ministry

The Nursery Ministry provides a loving environment for your child to experience God's love. We provide a safe and nurturing place in which biblical teaching, Christian compassion, and servanthood are demonstrated and practiced so that a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ can begin.

Care Ministry

The purpose of the Care Ministry is sevenfold: First, to befriend visitors;  Second, to love the visitors; Third, to help the visitors develop friendship with other people in the church; Fourth, to facilitate meeting the needs of the visitors;  Fifth, to invite and encourage the visitors to attend a New Members class; Sixth, to keep in personal, ongoing contact with the membership of the church; and Seventh, to keep the pastor informed of the new members as they matriculate through the life of the church.

Media Ministry

If you need a pick-me-up when church is not in session, count on our Media Ministry. Members record sermon messages of the church services and programs and maintain, organize, catalog, and handle the distribution of the media.

Usher Ministry

The purpose of the Usher's Ministry is to help establish and maintain a positive and loving atmosphere during the worship service. Ushers serve as watchmen, disciplinarians, servants, and hosts. They assist with distribution of visitor's packets, tracts, invitation cards, bibles, and hymnals. Before, during, and after service, ushers receive the offerings during service, serve communion, and help maintain order and provide any information that members may request.

Home-Builders Ministry

The Christian Fellowship Center Marriage, Mentoring and Mending Ministry offer a variety of programs that emphasize marriage as God's Holy covenant, teach members how to develop wholesome relations that encourage couples to remain committed to their marriage vows.

Stewardship Ministry

The conducting, supervising, or managing of resources; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. This ministry is committed to teaching and helping the believer understands stewardship so that it will transform every area in their life at home, work, family and finances.

Discipleship Ministry

Discipleship Ministries aspires to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the church, community, and the world through worship, preaching, teaching, music, service, and missions. This series is designed to transform lives with an intense study of the Word of God and learning to spend personal time with the Lord.  The student will recognize worldly distractions that interfere with a relationship with God.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry Consist of Intercessors--in the spirit of bearing one another’s burden with love--is committed to fulfill our congregation’s personal prayer requests. Intercessors spend time in personal devotion and prayer regularly, endeavoring to hear the voice of God as they grow spiritually. Since prayer matters are confidential and are prayed in unity of spirit with the Word of God, ministry members have to make every effort to keep safe the sacred prayers made in union with one another and with God.

Outreach Ministry

Outreach. It’s how our church meets the needs of our community and the world while expressing God's love. These outreach projects help participants build relationships with one another and those they help, all the while providing others the many opportunities available for us to share God’s plan of salvation.  

Singles Ministry

The Single's Ministry exists to provide fellowship opportunities for singles to encourage each other, uplift one another, and foster a shared sense of deep belonging. The ministry plans, organizes, and hosts a variety of social activities and special events--allowing ministry membership to discover the joys of teamwork, leadership growth, and personal development. Every other month, the ministry specified teachings that address the spiritual needs relevant to today’s singles. The Singles also meet for fellowship once a month--either at the church or elsewhere.