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Workshops & Seminars

Wednesdays at 7PM, a night of powerful worship, bible teaching and interaction with friends and students. Together they are encouraged to find their own personal relationship with Jesus, who is the answer to all of life’s questions. Music, games, snacks, volleyball, campfires provide great times of fun and opportunities to build Godly relationships.

Cleansing Stream Seminar:

Equipping. Restoring. Sustaining.

Have you or do you feel held back by life’s difficulties? Do you feel alone or like someone or something is out to get you? Are you broken and burdened?

Well, God is able to transform your troubles into triumphs. Cleansing Stream is a tool God is using in the restoration process, to establish a strong foundation as He nurtures, prunes and matures us in righteousness for His Glory!

The unique combination of revelation (teachings and resources), relationship (small groups), and restoration (retreat) brings results—changed lives!

The Seminar Features:

  • Sessions One and Two: Walking in the Spirit--Pastor Andrew Gardener, Hong Kong
  • Session Three: Committing Everything to God
  • Session Four: Speaking Words of Life
  • Session Five: Entering the Cleansing Stream
  • Cleansing Stream Retreat

This eight-to-twelve-week series of classes prepares and disciples participants to receive healing and deliverance. The small group setting includes teaching and discussion of the session's foundational truth, which boils down to three basic questions:

  • What is it?
  • Why do it?
  • How do we do it?

Our prayer is that each Discipleship participant will greatly benefit from the practical truths presented and become a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Financial Study 

This ten-week study teaches more than practical financial principles—it teaches the successful combination of God’s wisdom along with practical principles. This teaching strategy treats more than the practical symptoms of financial bondage—it creates a long-term transformation of the heart. This is the most effective way to find biblically based answers to one’s financial questions and difficulties.

Crown’s most recent church survey reveals that typical life group members increase their giving, reduce their debt, increase their savings, and strengthen their marriages during and after the life group experience.

During the Study, Each Life Group Member will:

  • Learn what Scripture teaches about managing all of their possessions—not just money
  • Develop lifelong relationships with other Christians, thanks to the length, intensity, and small grouping of this ten-week study
  • Memorize key Scripture verses each week
  • Learn a biblical approach to creating a spending plan, establishing a debt reduction plan, and managing their resources through practical exercises and accountability.

This workshop is done in a group setting by a trained leader.